A light goes on
in a head.

1837 - 175 years ago on September the 7th 1837, The Australian Gas Light Company was created with "An Act for lighting with Gas the Town of Sydney".

At this time, Sydney is a colonial outpost, a world away from European civilisation.

Fact: Two in every five residents are convicts, and basic public amenities are poor.

Putting our energy
into action.

24 May 1841 - The Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) lit the first gas street light on the Queen’s birthday in Sydney, transforming our biggest city and in turn the country forever.

The gas was supplied free of charge and by March 1843 there were 165 gas lamps around the city.

Fact: In 1841... The first photograph was taken in Australia.

Keeping the
shops open.

1850's - Gas lighting meant stores could keep their doors open for late night shopping. And a generation of shopaholics was born…

Fact: In 1850…
The University of Sydney opened its doors.

Welcome to a
cooking revolution.

1893 - The Australian Gas Light Company built the very first dedicated gas-cooking showroom next to the Palace Emporium – in the heart of the most popular shopping strip at the time in Sydney. The exciting new world of cooking with gas was taught free of charge and was immensely popular.

AGL cooking shows
hit the road.

1930's - AGL presented Australia’s first cooking show extravaganza! By now gas cooking in homes was booming. So much so that around 59,000 housewives were taking gas cooking classes. Women flocked from far and wide to sell-out suburban theatres. They queued for hours to be part of these cooking show extravaganzas that featured radio personalities and dance bands.

Fact: In 1932... The Sydney Harbor Bridge opened.

Goodbye to the old and
hello to the new.

1950's - Successive 'Old Stove Roundup' campaigns encouraged people to replace their old stoves and replace them with shiny new gas ones from AGL.

Fact: In 1958... Wild One makes Johnny O'Keefe the first Australian rock'n'roller to reach the Australia music charts.

Introducing an
Australian icon.

1979 - Presenting the AGL Flame Girls. AGL launched the biggest advertising and promotional campaign in the history of gas in Australia – ‘Natural Gas, the Living Flame'. The Living Flame ballet dancers remain an iconic image to this day.

A change in
the wind.

2008 - Wind energy really begins to take off for AGL. Hallet 1 Wind Farm begins operations in South Australia. It is the first wind farm to be developed by AGL from start to finish. The Macarthur Wind Farm in Victoria is expected to be open in 2013 and will be the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere – 140 turbines and will generate enough green energy for 220,000 homes.

AGL takes to
the skies.

2009 - Queenslanders love their rescue helicopter. It has been keeping a protective eye over south east and central Queensland for decades. In 2009 AGL announced its sponsorship of the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter, to help vital rescue, medical and search service continue.

In July 2013 AGL handed over naming rights sponsorship to RACQ to secure the Service a much needed uplift to their funding, but is very pleased to be staying on as a major sponsor.

Taking care
of pandas.

2010 - AGL is doing their bit to make life for the Giant Pandas at Adelaide Zoo as cushy as possible. Wang Wang and Funi enjoy a solar powered exhibit with chilled rocks, refrigerated food, mood lighting and misters. The energy provided also powers their researcher's computers and Panda-cam!

A smarter
way to live.

2011 - AGL launched the Smarter Living Centre website which arms customers with practical advice, tools, products and services to help reduce their energy usage, to save money and help the environment.

Little Audrey gets
her rhythm back.

2012 - AGL helped restore Melbourne's famous neon Skipping Girl sign to light up the city skyline again after many years in darkness. As a gift for Little Audrey's 75th birthday, this year AGL provided her with a solar PV system to ensure she keeps skipping for many years to come.

Rewarding our

2012 - AGL launched a new partnership with flybuys in April 2012. The program aims to reward thousands of AGL customers for everyday spending on their home gas and electricity bills. AGL is the first and only energy retailer to partner with the flybuys program.